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If one of your younger employees asked if they could come to work at noon because they have an intense yoga class at 10 a.m., how would you react as a manager? What if another employee who has worked with the company for 20 years chastised you as you walked in the office because you...… Read More

One of the hallmarks of good leaders is the ability to inspire employees to be productive, honorable, and quality-oriented. This requires passion, without which true leadership is impossible.

The best leaders influence their employees to actively contribute to achieving the organization’s mission. This can be done by showing them where they fit into the big picture, empowering them to excel, and setting standards for quality and integrity. … Read More

Webinars can be a boon to the busy AP manager who needs to provide training in a variety of areas to staffers. While other types of training programs charge by attendee, webinars provide greater budgetary value because most of them allow a number of people to sit in on the same session. Managing Accounts Payable...… Read More

Are you having occasional challenges finding the right tone and approach to use with some of your younger AP staffers? And do you wonder about what incentives work best to recruit and retain workers from the "Baby Boomer" (ages 49 to 67), "Gen X" (ages 33 to 48), and "Millennial" or "Gen Y" (ages 18...… Read More

It’s getting to be that time of the year—when you have to do those employee performance appraisals. In the past, AP managers may have given this task little attention. But growing productivity and performance demands, plus the new generation of workers who want more detailed feedback about their performance, have put a renewed importance on...… Read More

AP departments today deal with a wide range of tasks. But you may be surprised to learn that most do not deal with tasks such as travel or purchasing card administration, foreign currency payments, bank recs, VAT refunds, or escheatment. This is according a survey of over 400 individuals that analyzes data concerning salaries, bonuses,...… Read More

Many AP executives operate under the assumption that the AP status quo will last indefinitely. The fact is, change is very common these days. The question is, when change comes, will you be prepared? Recently, a change in the executive management team at The Washington Post (Washington, DC) meant that AP was moved to a...… Read More

By Pam Miller, APMD Web meeting software provides an attractive solution for training AP's internal and external customers, because it enables parties in different locations to share information easily, efficiently, and inexpensively. With web meeting software, you can use your desktop to describe such things as how forms work or how to use applications. Web...… Read More

by Sheila Velazquez, APM Job changes have become rather common occurrences in today's workplace. If you find yourself in a new location or position after a promotion, relocation, or job search, how do you roll up your sleeves and dig into your role as "the new AP manager?" Tip #1: Don't Expect the Familiar When...… Read More

At the AP Conference & Expo, held at Planet Hollywood from Oct. 21st to Oct. 24th, IOFM honored outstanding accounts payable professionals with two awards, the "AP Manager of the Year" and the "AP Department of the Year." 1. The winner of the AP Manager of the Year award was Matt Abrams of Boston University...… Read More

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