What You Don’t Know About AP Automation Can Cost You: Choosing the Right Solution Provider

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You’ve wrung out as much inefficiency as you can from your manual processes. The only way to keep up with the mounting piles of invoices is to automate. But automate what? How? And what comes after turning on the system?

What you don’t know can cost you. This can be a once-in-a-career decision and the wrong choice can set your department back years. You don’t have to figure this out on your own.

AP experts from IOFM and Yooz will help you identify critical evaluation factors that you should consider before investing in any additional automation systems. Hear first hand from Deutser, CFO Adam Maurer how he implemented AP automation at Deutser and the increased performance efficiencies that resulted.

IOFM’s Executive Editor Jess Scheer will share IOFM’s latest benchmarking data to help you assess current performance levels and help you quantify the business case for additional automation. And Yooz’s VP of sales and noted thought leader Justin Holden will share his perspective on key success factors.

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crop.JessScheer300x300.jpg.thumbnail-150px-square.150x150.jpegJess Scheer
Executive Editor, IOFM

Jess Scheer is responsible for IOFM’s Membership, Certification and Benchmarking content.

Jess is an award-winning business reporter and editor, focused on the intersection of accounting, finance and management. Immediately before joining IOFM, Jess spent five years as a Process Consultant, helping organizations more effectively and efficiently manage end-to-end processes, including Procure-to-Pay.

crop.justinholdenshadow.jpg.thumbnail-150px-square.150x150.jpegJustin Holden
North America VP of Sales, Yooz

Justin is the vice-president of sales at Yooz North America, a leading provider of cloud-based AP (accounts payable) Automation intelligence to more than 2,000 global customers. Justin brings extensive experience in business development, strategic planning, client relationship management, and customer service to Yooz. He leads the sales team in expanding and leveraging Yooz products and services while growing new business opportunities. All while consistently cultivating lasting relationships with internal and external business partners.

Justin is a contributor to the Yooz and Sage Intacct blog sites on topics relevant to AP Automation.

Prior to joining Yooz, Justin was the regional sales director at Informatics Holdings, senior vice-president of sales/operations for Techstorm, and sales director at Future Payment Technologies.

Justin holds a B.S. in Marketing/Management from Texas Tech University.

Adam Maurer.png.webinarwhitepaper-thumbnail.175x200.pngAdam Maurer, CPA
CFO, Deutser

Adam is the CFO for Deutser consultancy and a Yooz client. Adam concentrates on providing value through operations management, financial analysis and improved organizational effectiveness and efficiency. He has a keen understanding of and interest in process improvement, having carefully navigated organizations through major change efforts. He has held a leadership position with the largest public recovery audit and analytics firm in the world, the finance directorship for a global ERP software vendor, and executive-level offices in the oilfield, manufacturing, healthcare, and medical fields. 

Adam holds a bachelor's in Chemistry and a master's in Accounting from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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