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Hiring and training outstanding employees for the accounts payable department is a number-one priority for Montee Kaminetzky, APM, Accounts Payable Manager at B&H Photo, a New York-based photo, video, electronic, computer, and home entertainment-based business that opened in 1973. It is the largest non-chain photo and video store in the United States. An IOFM-accredited… Read More

AP leaders who want to encourage their staff members to provide ideas and feedback should integrate the following steps into their management approach:

  1. Build trust. Collaboration and teamwork can be stunted when employees feel as though their manager is not listening. Value staff members for their expertise and the solutions they offer. Your AP employees are your first line of defense when it comes to detecting and solving problems that can
  2. Read More

By Pam Miller, APMD When a current or prospective AP staffer tells you that “work-life balance” is important, what does that mean to you, exactly? The term “work-life balance” is not just another one of those phrases that is commonly heard but has little meaning. The phrase has been popular for quite a few… Read More

Joni Geurts had worked in marketing at JetBlue Airways (Salt Lake City) for more than eight years when she was asked to move into finance and manage the accounts payable department for the 14,000-employee company. AP had been suffering from poor morale and productivity, and management believed that her communication skills and enthusiasm would… Read More

AP managers are rarely happy about performance reviews. Not only do they have to give them—they have to write them! To accurately and adequately assess the performance level of another person can be very difficult. AP’s Special Challenge One issue that makes the process harder for AP managers is that the review form used… Read More

“If there is one thing I would like to tell all leaders at all levels and in all industries,” says author Todd Patkin, in addressing the issue of employee morale, “it’s that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain—including an improved bottom line—by making your organization a satisfying place to work.” Here… Read More

Did you ever wish you had a bunch of “workaholics” in your AP department? Well, be careful what you wish for. Workaholics can wreak havoc in terms of lost productivity, increased health-care costs, and potential legal woes. Plus, they—and their families—suffer. Now, don’t think that this can’t happen in your department. There’s a very… Read More

Salary surveys are extremely useful because they help make sure you are offering salaries that are competitive in the marketplace. Otherwise, you risk losing good AP workers, and you can have trouble recruiting additional staff. In addition, organizations use salary surveys to plan their annual merit and pay increase budgets. To keep pay levels… Read More

While all AP managers agree it is necessary to screen job candidates before making an offer, is it OK for you to use search engines or social networking sites in the process? According to experts, it is for the most part perfectly legal. But whether the information gleaned is relevant or even accurate could… Read More

By Pam Miller, APMD Here’s the scenario: a new company hits town and sets up a large AP or shared services shop. To accomplish their goal quickly, they look for existing organizations, with an eye to filling their desks by emptying yours. You find out about this strategy when the first staffer to jump… Read More

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