Controllers and other finance leaders are increasingly being called upon to play a more strategic role in their organizations. Often, however, they are given little information about exactly what is expected of them in this capacity. “Both the organization and the controller can benefit when controllers are significant contributors to strategic planning efforts,” says Jean...… Read More

“Most people are familiar with the elite ‘Top Gun’ fighter pilot, as made popular by the 1986 movie starring Tom Cruise,” says Chris Doxey, CAPP, CCSA, CICA, CPC, management consultant and thought leader in finance for IOFM’s Controller’s Network. “If we adapt  that term to apply to a finance team, we define a ‘Top Gun...… Read More

Controllers who are looking for ways to deliver higher service value while spending less need look no further than recent research by The Hackett Group. In The World-Class Performance Advantage: Three Imperatives for Greater Finance Agility, The Hackett Group reveals that world-class finance organizations are far more responsive to business needs than their peers; they...… Read More

In a recent survey, Robert Half asked CFOs and employees for their feedback regarding breaches of etiquette on the job. Specifically, CFOs and workers were asked, “Which one of the following is the most common breach of workplace etiquette committed by your staff/coworkers?” Their responses were as follows:   Most Common Etiquette Breaches CFOs Workers...… Read More

By Bob Sefton, Controller, Nomacorc  For those businesses whose fiscal years coincide with the calendar year, the end of the calendar year tasks are compounded by the holiday season and the regulatory tasks that need to be addressed before January 1. To take care of year-end business and get ready for the beginning of 2016,...… Read More

When business is “going gangbusters,” it can be tempting for even the most conscientious controller to overlook instances of inefficiency and waste. But good times are the right times for companies to start planning for—and making—a business turnaround, advises Wayne Spivak, President and CFO, SBA * Consulting, a company that provides part-time or interim CFO...… Read More

By C. S. “Bud” Kulesza, CMA, CFM Recent discussions regarding failures in business share a common theme—the failures were not caused by a lack of technical skills but rather by a lack of integrity and leadership in motivating the organization to do the right thing. While technical competency is an essential part of success, it...… Read More

A recent survey by Robert Half Finance and Accounting revealed that the greatest challenge for finance and accounting professionals when working with other departments is learning to interact with a variety of cultures. CFOs were asked, “Which one of the following do you think is the greatest challenge for accounting and finance professionals when working...… Read More

Many controllers are seeking to achieve greater efficiencies and cost-effectiveness by moving toward an integrated procure-to-pay (P2P) process. “There is much a controller can do to make P2P a success,” says Keith Dabbs, Senior Procurement and Sourcing Manager, Riverside Health System (Newport News, VA). “At Riverside, our controller was instrumental in the implementation of our...… Read More

By Mike Sbrocco, VP & Controller, Junxure Getting “stuck in a rut” means being in a repetitive, unchanging pattern. Almost everyone finds themselves in a rut at some point in their life. However, when the accounting cycle gets stuck in a rut, this can have deadly implications for not only the finance department but the...… Read More

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