U.S. AP Certification in Spanish & Chinese

Popular AP & AR Certification programs expand in response to globalization of F&A centers.

The Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM) is pleased to announce that its popular Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable certification programs are now available in Spanish and Simple Chinese. These programs provide critical training to AP and AR managers and specialists, including proven best practices for excelling in today’s complex business environment.

The newly-available translated programs include the Accredited Payables Specialist and Accredited Payables Manager Certification Programs.

All programs include:

  • A translated study guide
  • A 90 to 120-minute training video with subtitles
  • A supplementary PowerPoint

Each certification course concludes with a comprehensive 90-minute exam.

Today’s business climate requires US companies’ AP and AR departments to function in an increasingly global manner, and IOFM’s AP and AR certification programs have evolved in step. To date, the programs have trained more than 15,000 financial operations professionals in over 50 countries, including some of India and Eastern Europe’s largest shared service centers. Translating the programs to Spanish and Simple Chinese was a natural progression.

“Right now, Captive Global Business Services Centers and BPO Service Providers are keenly focused on investing fully in their global workforces, echoing the investments they have made in technology over the last decade or so,” said Susan Bova-Fasano, Director of Global & Strategic Accounts at IOFM. “Our translated certification offerings open the door for so many other F&A leaders who want their teams and service providers in areas where English is not the primary business language to become AP or AR Certified alongside their global co-workers.”

This AP Certification program is taught by renowned instructor Pam Miller, who served as BMC Select’s longtime Director of AP and is a recognized innovator in the field of AP-related technologies. The course is informed by Miller’s real-world expertise with AP elements such as EDI, imaging and workflow, purchasing cards and audit related issues. Learn more about the AP Certification Program here.

“The AP & AR Certification programs and AP ProTrain have been implemented across GENPACT’s global locations for the last 5 years and continue today. The APM, APS, as well as the beginner and manager AP ProTrain learning tool, ensure all of our F&A leaders, managers, staff and customer facing employees are prepared, trained, and tested, to ensure impeccable service delivery, FTR, and in a zero surprises environment to both our internal and external customers. The programs have ensured the New Hire learning curve with a deep reduction in readiness, a quicker integration into the businesses, as well as a global validation of the organization’s talent.” – Sonal Amin, Sr. Manager, Genpact

To enroll or learn more about certification for global AP departments and shared service centers, contact Susan Bova-Fasano: sbova@divcom.com or 207.842.5673.