On-Demand: Foundations of Form 1099-MISC Compliance

On-Demand register now Member rate: $145 | Non-member rate: $195 Are you correctly identifying all of your Form 1099-MISC reporting obligations? Are you backup withholding 28% federal tax where required? Do you have procedures that build 1099 compliance and avoid risk for your organization? Whether you’re new to 1099 reporting, or looking for an update… Read more »

On-Demand: Due Diligence for Foreign Individual Payees: How to Review IRS Forms W-8BEN and 8233 for Validity

On-Demand register now Member rate: $145 | Non-member rate: $195 Is your organization paying U.S.-source income to nonresident alien individuals – NRAs? You might be paying for services, grants, royalties, scholarships, rents, or interest … and you might think of the payees as foreign customers, foreign visitors, foreign vendors, foreign owners, or simply as foreign… Read more »

On-Demand: Due Diligence for Foreign Entity Payees: How to Review IRS Forms W-8BEN-E, W-8IMY and W-8ECI for Validity

On-Demand register now Member rate: $145 | Non-member rate: $195 Tax regulations give your organization a strict due diligence obligation to identify foreign payees, document their status, withhold a standard or treaty rate of U.S. tax from payments when required, and know which foreign entities must be reported to the IRS on Form 1042-S. For… Read more »

On-Demand: The Impact of the Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act (RUUPA) on Accounts Payable and Receivable

 On-Demand webinar (1.5 hours) register now In partnership with:  In early July, the Uniform Law Commission approved a revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act (“RUUPA”) that could be reviewed and enacted by state legislatures beginning in 2017. If enacted, the revised provisions could have significant impact on unclaimed property audits, record retention, due diligence and reporting… Read more »

On-Demand: Update on Major Changes for 1099-MISC Reporting

 On-demand webinar (1.5 hours) register now   This program will cover updates and changes the IRS has made to the Form 1099 reporting rules – in real time! Attendees will learn:   Whether or for how long the automatic 30-day extension to filing will be available; New due dates for 1099-MISC filing; What increased penalties… Read more »

On-Demand: Legal Settlements and Attorney Payments: 1099 and W-2 Reporting Requirements

On-demand webinar (1.5 hours) register now   Do you have the necessary tools and information to deal with the complicated issues that surround the reporting and withholding requirements of payments to attorneys, including legal settlements and the double reporting these payments can require? If the only information you receive is the name of the payee(s)… Read more »

On-Demand: Form 1099 Year-end Update for 2016

On-demand webinar (1.5 hours) buy now This information-packed annual update will alert 1099-MISC filers to changes in IRS forms for your reporting for tax year 2016. This webinar includes a recap of “what’s reportable” and includes full details on the 1099 basics, ensuring that you’re up-to-speed for the demands of this year end. Your essential Form 1099… Read more »