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These on-demand automation webinars are recorded for your convenience. They're made available to get you up-to-date on currect trends and best-practices for implementing and understanding automation. 

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The AP process demands timely and precise data to drive an accurate fiscal close.  Approvals must be linked to corporate approval policies to reduce risk and ensure that good controls and compliance requirements are in place. A robust workflow approval solution with automation can help to achieve the control requirements of SOX 404, reduce the risk of paying a fraudulent transaction and potentially violatin… Read More

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Compared to paper checks, electronic payments are less expensive, more accurate, significantly faster, more transparent, and less risky.  And paper checks don’t offer any opportunities to earn cash-back rebates.  Yet many organizations pay most of their suppliers using checks.  The reason is that many organizations have trouble separating fact from fiction when it comes to electronic payment… Read More

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CFOs are feeling the heat.  They must balance unrelenting pressure to improve the efficiency of their financial operations with increasing demands to help the business drive profitability, expand the scope of finance teams, competitiveness, and agility. All the while being able to scale effectively as the business grows.

Shockingly, less than one-quarter of AP departments are fully automated, which means al… Read More

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Organizations of all sizes have historically relied upon the paper check to make B2B vendor payments yet this payment type exposes your company to a greater risk of fraud. In addition, hesitation surrounding the move to cloud-based applications for managing accounts payable is hindering an additional level of fraud protection you may not even be considering.

During this webinar, we look at the vulnerabilities that pRead More

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In the last 6 months, terms like robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence have flooded the landscape. With it, we hear promises of transformation on the one side and threats of mass layoffs on the other.  What does this technology really look like inside an enterprise, and how does it apply to Accounts Payable (AP)?  Join this lively and interactive webinar and learn the difference betwee… Read More

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A shared concern for both Finance and Procurement is managing cost and increasing savings captured. Though both departments are striving to achieve this common goal, they are relatively siloed in terms of the efforts being made to improve process efficiencies and the specialist technologies being used. While these compartmentalized initiatives might render results in the form of short term improvements, an allia… Read More

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What if your AP department could realize a positive ROI by automating the accounts payable lifecycle?

While it may sound too good to be true, it’s not. Many accounts payable departments have successfully transformed themselves into a profit center, realizing a typical 60 percent to 80 percent reduction in invoice processing costs and 90 percent or more in savings from converting to electronic payments from… Read More

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Best-in-class accounts payable organizations apply processes that cost less, are more accurate, take less time, provide better visibility, and result in fewer inquiries from suppliers. Join our webinar, Top 4 Benchmarks for Becoming a Best-in-class AP Organization and you will discover how to:

  • Process more invoices in a straight-through process
  • Improve invoice approval cycle times
  • Capture more early-payment dis
  • Read More

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Wondering what’s up with the brand-new e-learning center on APP2P.com? The team at the Institute of Finance and Management is launching a new certification experience and is excited to share it with you. Whether you are currently enrolled in a certification program or are maintaining your certification by logging CEUs, you will have the opportunity to have all your questions answered in this live platform Read More

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Accounts payable automation projects hinge on financial support from the CFO. Hence it is imperative that accounts payable and finance leaders understand the aspects that matter the most to their CFOs and incorporate them into their automation proposal. But most of them don’t understand their CFO’s lingo. That’s the reason many automation proposals get stuck, despite the compelling benefits pro… Read More

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