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What if your AP department could realize a positive ROI by automating the accounts payable lifecycle?

While it may sound too good to be true, it’s not. Many accounts payable departments have successfully transformed themselves into a profit center, realizing a typical 60 percent to 80 percent reduction in invoice processing costs and 90 percent or more in savings from converting to electronic payments from… Read More

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Best-in-class accounts payable organizations apply processes that cost less, are more accurate, take less time, provide better visibility, and result in fewer inquiries from suppliers. Join our webinar, Top 4 Benchmarks for Becoming a Best-in-class AP Organization and you will discover how to:

  • Process more invoices in a straight-through process
  • Improve invoice approval cycle times
  • Capture more early-payment dis
  • Read More

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 | 2:00pm-3:00pm Eastern Time

CFOs are feeling the heat.  They must balance unrelenting pressure to improve the efficiency of their financial operations with increasing demands to help the business drive profitability, expand the scope of finance teams, competitiveness, and agility. All the while being able to scale effectively as the business grows.

Shockingly, less than one-quarter of AP departments are fully autom… Read More

Wednesday, February 28, 2018 | 2:00pm-3:00pm Eastern Time

Accounts payable automation projects hinge on financial support from the CFO. Hence it is imperative that accounts payable and finance leaders understand the aspects that matter the most to their CFOs and incorporate them into their automation proposal. But most of them don’t understand their CFO’s lingo. That’s the reason many automation proposals get stuck, despite the … Read More

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has captured the attention of accounts payable professionals like few technologies before it.  And why not?  The ability for computers and software to do things normally done by humans, and to do it better over time, addresses the biggest challenges in accounts payable.  While AI undoubtedly will play a big role in the future of accounts payable, many accounts payable profe… Read More

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Activities within the accounts payable (AP) department have an enormous impact on company cash. Unfortunately, in many organizations, AP staff remain buried under mountains of invoices and data, making it difficult to see (and understand) that impact.

But it doesn’t have to be that way — leveraging automation allows businesses to optimize AP by creating a streamlined workflow focused on quality data … Read More

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Big changes are coming for businesses of all sizes. Discover how to ensure those changes result in opportunities for growth rather than obstacles.

New trends in financial technology will help optimize resources, reduce risk, and increase profitability.

Join us on Thursday, December 7 as we reveal those trends and how they can benefit your business:

  • Indirect Spend – Find out how implementing an indire
  • Read More

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Are you confident that your AP transactions are not putting your company at risk? Do you have an updated and robust internal controls program that focuses on mitigating the greatest fraud risks within your AP process? Are your AP employees aware of the fraud flags within the AP process? Does your AP department know what to do if they find a fraud? Is your AP department aware of its compliance requirements and th… Read More

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A lot can go wrong in an Accounts Payable (AP) department on any given day. Trouble is, poor performance issues aren’t always easy to spot, especially in businesses that have long-established AP processes in place.

Attend this webinar to gain a better understanding of the origins of chaos within AP, and what can be done to bring cash management back to the forefront of your payables strategy — specifically, using an … Read More

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Many accounts payable professionals dream of a day when their operations will be paperless. The reality for most accounts payable professionals is closer to a nightmare: operations overrun with paper invoices that require a significant amount of handling, keying, routing, filing, and retrieval.

While the vision of “paperless” accounts payable evokes a dream-like aesthetic, it requires a conscious, comprehensive, and… Read More

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