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The 2015 Master Guide to Form 1042-S Textbook

Today there is a significant risk for a U.S. business that does not build thorough W-8 and 1042-S compliance into its processes for Ac­counts Payable, Tax, and Treasury operations. Even small companies today frequently contract with foreign businesses, borrow from foreign banks, pay royalties for foreign-held patents and copyrights, pay for electronic access to material or services furnished by a foreign company, and generally operate in a global marketplace. This book provides a framework of basic concepts, definitions, rules, and forms for a very complex area of tax compliance.

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1099 Information Return Reporting Templates will take you to these downloadable tools, plus the latest IRS Forms and Instructions:

    • Overview Forms W-8 & W-9

    • W-8 Vendor Request Letter Template

    • IRS Requestor Instructions W-8

    • IRS Instructions for Form W-8BEN

    • IRS Instructions for Form W-8BEN-E

    • IRS Form W-8BEN

    • IRS Form W-8BEN-E

    • IRS Instructions for Form W-8ECI

    • IRS Instructions for Form W-8EXP

    • IRS Instructions for Form W-8IMY


Benchmarks: Information Return Filing Practices

1099 (& 1042-S) Calendar

Calendar of 1099 Information Reporting Events

Canada: Payment Reporting

Contract Services Payment Reporting Requirements in Canada

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