Maintaining Your AP Certification

Maintaining Your Certification through Continuing Education

Why? Regulatory rules and AP technologies are changing at a rapid pace – and the continuing education requirements of certification ensure APM and APS credential holders continue to maintain and enhance their AP expertise. Therefore, accredited AP professionals are required to earn continuing education credits through training, education and other professional development activities.

  1. Login to your certification account – Need a login? Email
  2. CEUs will be listed as “points” in Achievements which you can find on the menu – keep track of all your activities by easily viewing your points.
  3. If you click on the course library you will be able to register for webinars, live events and all the other activities that count towards your CEUs. There will be far more than 15 CEUs posted here over the year.
  4. You can participate in activities outside of the AP & P2P Network. You will need to submit them for approval in your Certification Account by clicking on the course titled “Other CEUs.” This is the best way to get approval on your CEUs. If you email them to our certification team directly, there will be a delayed response.
  5. You will automatically be renewed as long as you have 15 CEUs (points) listed in your Achievements.
  6. You can download an updated certificate in your Achievements each year.

How do I find opportunities to earn CEUs?

In your certification account. The most efficient way to browse CEU opportunities is to log in to you certification account using the steps above and click on the Course Library.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. One or more of my CEUs are not listed in my achievements. What do I do?
    • Please enter these in “Other CEUs” in your course library. List them all together, including the name, date and length (how many hours) and submit. If you don’t include this information we will not be able to give you the CEUs. They will be approved within 24-48 hours. Emailing this information will create a delay in the update. The best way is to submit them is through your account.
  2. Do we still accept the CEU Forms?
    • No, we no longer need the CEU forms.
  3. Why do I see AR and Controller Activities in my Course Library?
    • Your course library may be defaulted on “All Categories.”  You can switch this to AP at the top of your Course library.
  4. What happens if I fail my third attempt at the exam?
    • You are able to purchase one additional attempt at the exam for $195.