With nearly 20,000 certified financial operations professionals worldwide, IOFM’s rigorous certification programs set the global standard for excellence in the accounting professions. Earning your certification demonstrates your firm grasp of the fundamentals, a thorough understanding of best practices, and your commitment to accuracy and compliance, all of which are necessary to excel in the field of Accounts Payable or Procure-to-Pay. The IOFM certification designations are held by individuals and departments at leading Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, and institutions around the world who value accuracy, efficiency, clarity and transparency in the accounting function.

Whether you are just starting your path in AP or P2P or are a well-established professional, IOFM's Certification programs will serve you well as you advance in your career.

How it works...


Entirely online and on-demand, the program includes a comprehensive study guide. The guide was developed by IOFM in collaboration with subject matter experts and contains everything you need to know for the final exam. A recommended timeline for reading the study guide is 4 to 6 weeks.


Watch the 6-hour training video. One of IOFM’s instructors will walk you through the training material. A recommended timeline for finishing the training video is 4 weeks.


In approximately 10 to 14 weeks after beginning the program it's time to take the exam. The exam is 100 multiple choice questions in 90 minutes. You will be informed of your pass/fail result immediately after submission.

Accounts Payable Certification

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Procure-to-Pay Certification

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What it means to you and your employer

The right person is on the job

Earning your AP or P2P certification is more than just a piece of paper. Not only does certification verify an individual’s comprehensive understanding of the payables function, it also demonstrates an ability to apply that understanding to solve problems and improve process in the real world. In most cases, certified individuals have a better understanding of the value of their work and can see how to work through a problem rather than work around a problem.

Sharper skills

Certification builds skills – from the fundamentals to the advanced nuances of AP or P2P. To maintain your certification, you’ll engage in continuing education for 15 hours each year, keeping you up-to-date on the newest developments in your field.

Higher earning power

Research indicates that certified professionals earn more than their non-certified peers. While your day-to-day performance says a lot about you as an individual, completing the training program and passing a rigorous exam proves that you have a firm grip on the core principles of the profession – and that’s a distinction that gets rewarded and demonstrates that you’ve gone above and beyond to develop your skills, giving you a stronger resume.

More respect

Certification places you in an exclusive group of AP professionals whose skills are proven to meet a global standard of excellence. Receiving your AP or P2P certification increases your credibility and shows your peers, supervisors, and the public your commitment to your line of work.

Join the Ranks of Over 20,000 Certified
Financial Operations Professionals