Personnel Issues

Compensation for Accounts Payable management and staff positions has climbed steadily over the last two years as demand has outstripped supply, according to the just released 2017 Salary Guide: Accounting and Finance, from Robert Half []. “Demand and salaries for AR professionals are going up,” notes Robert Half, adding that, “these operational support… Read More

Rules, regulations, statutes, and laws have always differed among the states. Currently, some states are making changes that may affect how we manage personnel issues in our organizations. While Human Resources is on the front line when it comes to adapting organizational policies, those changes affect every department, AP included. Upward Pressure on Wages… Read More

By Raeann Hofkin, CPP AP managers must be careful when their companies award gifts or prizes designed to motivate staff members or demonstrate appreciation. The unexpected “benefit” you bestow may turn out to be a tax nightmare for the employee. What the IRS Says According to the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 74; IRC 3121… Read More

Tracy Zurcher, APM, Accounts Payable Manager at FedEx Services (Pittsburgh, PA), is passionate about keeping her AP staff motivated and engaged. “All of our processes—from imaging to auditing, vouchering, pay-cycle processing, and check dissemination—build upon one another and rely on the efforts of our team. If people are disengaged and there is a lack… Read More

In its 2015 Salary Guide: Accounting & Finance, Robert Half researchers analyzed salary ranges for the positions of AP Manager and AP Clerk. The salaries for both positions are categorized by company size (see exhibit.) Notably, AP salaries increased over the past year by between 3.3 percent and 3.5 percent. The figures presented in… Read More

With the economy on an upswing, organizations are seeking to fill vacated positions and establish new ones. Among the in-demand positions, reports Max Messmer, Chairman and CFO of Robert Half, are accounting and finance professionals who can analyze information, come up with smart business strategies, identify trends, and, increase company efficiency and control costs.… Read More

By Pam Miller, APMD At a recent conference, Jim Brady, National Managing Partner, U.S. Government Affairs, Deloitte & Touche, spoke about how managers struggle when addressing and remediating poor employee performance. AP managers often feel conflicted when a staffer’s performance is lagging and the employee is having a tough time keeping up with assigned… Read More

Only 16.9 percent of respondents in a recent IOFM benchmarking survey indicate that AP goals are established solely by AP. Half of the remaining responses (41.6 percent) indicate that goals are set by AP in conjunction with the position to which AP reports. The same number, 41.6 percent, indicate that goals are set for… Read More

In most companies there comes a time of the year when you have to conduct employee performance appraisals. In the past, AP managers may have given this task little attention. But growing productivity and performance demands, plus the new generation of workers who want more detailed feedback about their performance, have put a renewed… Read More

Webinars can be a boon to the busy AP manager who needs to provide training in a variety of areas to staffers. While other types of training programs charge by attendee, webinars provide greater budgetary value because most of them allow a number of people to sit in on the same session. Managing Accounts… Read More

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