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An IOFM AP & P2P Network member recently asked the following question, and the editorial staff at IOFM followed up with Network members and Advisory Panelists to see if there were indeed any "funny" stories out there to lighten up the mood during 1099 season.

The Question

Man Having Be Happy Sticky Note on Forehead During Office BreakA colleague from another department mentioned to me that Accounts Payable seemed to be very serious department to work in, and asked if we ever have fun. Granted, it’s J… Read More

Start Your Journey With Certification

In keeping with IOFM's mission to highlight outstanding financial operations professionals, the editors of the AP & P2P Network report this month on the accomplishments of three individuals who are either working toward (or achieving) a fully certified AP and/or P2P departments.

Niren_Naidu3Niren Naidu, APM, APPM, PTP Solutions Manager, Bridgestone Americas, Inc., Co-Founder of the Nashville, Tennessee IOFM Chapter

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By sharing ideas with other professionals, both at meetings and online, you will learn how your peers are implementing the kinds of improvements that ultimately make their businesses more profitable.

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“Don’t hesitate to seek out others outside of your own operation,” says Jess Scheer, IOFM Continuing Education Director. “Get involved in a discussion of processes and procedures with your AP and P2P colleagues. The more you engage, the more

Compensation for Accounts Payable management and staff positions has climbed steadily over the last two years as demand has outstripped supply, according to the just released 2017 Salary Guide: Accounting and Finance, from Robert Half []. “Demand and salaries for AR professionals are going up,” notes Robert Half, adding that, “these operational support positio… Read More

Despite “being thrown multiple curveballs” such as minimal staffing, major upgrades, and new acquisitions, the AP team at Nexion Health still managed to achieve substantial process improvements in 2015. “Although we were often short by up to four employees at times, my staff never complained, always met our AP deadlines, and still provided exceptional service,”...… Read More

Rules, regulations, statutes, and laws have always differed among the states. Currently, some states are making changes that may affect how we manage personnel issues in our organizations. While Human Resources is on the front line when it comes to adapting organizational policies, those changes affect every department, AP included. Upward Pressure on Wages Some...… Read More

This month's question concerns the possibility of promotions and career growth within the AP profession. The AP & P2P Network asked several AP professionals the following question: What opportunities are there for accounts payable professionals to grow and be promoted within your department? And what track did your personal development take? 'We Offer Several Growth...… Read More

AP professionals juggle a tremendous number of tasks every day—jobs that often change according to the schedule and time of month. In this article, Beth Hinten, APS, Accounts Payable, CBC Companies (Columbus, OH), shares some success secrets that can help multi-tasking AP professionals stay organized. Hinten is responsible for processing invoices for 32 of her...… Read More

By Raeann Hofkin, CPP AP managers must be careful when their companies award gifts or prizes designed to motivate staff members or demonstrate appreciation. The unexpected “benefit” you bestow may turn out to be a tax nightmare for the employee. What the IRS Says According to the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 74; IRC 3121 (a)(20),...… Read More

Tracy Zurcher, APM, Accounts Payable Manager at FedEx Services (Pittsburgh, PA), is passionate about keeping her AP staff motivated and engaged. “All of our processes—from imaging to auditing, vouchering, pay-cycle processing, and check dissemination—build upon one another and rely on the efforts of our team. If people are disengaged and there is a lack of...… Read More

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