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Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) is a methodology that eliminates the supplier invoice from the procurement-to-disbursement process. It is also called auto-payment, and utilizes a two-way rather than a three-way match. In an ERS transaction, the supplier issues an advanced shipping notice (ASN) based on a purchase order or contract from the purchaser, then ships the goods. The purchaser, upon receipt of the shipment, confirms it against the pur… Read More

Even though AP professionals still grapple with a lack of support and funding for AP automation, many have found ways to vastly improve processing and ease into automation by streamlining their workflows.

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One way to accomplish this is to employ “evaluated receipt settlement” (ERS), which can start out as a manual process and become automated by making a small adjustment to the ERP system. ERS substantially reduces the number of invoices that

A 2017 report from APQC, a business benchmarking and research firm, reveals that we’re still spending too much time on transaction processing.

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While thought leaders recommend moving AP and AR staff into more strategic roles to capitalize on the cost of their labor—as well as to shield them from obsolescence brought about by automation—it appears that many organizations are still struggling with the relatively menial tasks associated with t

Introduction to AP Analytics

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The accounts payable process holds the key to several types of data that can help your company with decision making for strategic sourcing. The data also indicates invoice stratification by dollars, payment types and can provide a window into an “at-risk supplier” situation. And of course, accounts payable can highlight process efficiencies and ways to improve working capital by focusing on cost-per-invoice and di
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Continuing Education Manager, IOFM


Given a list of more than 20 options from which to select their biggest business needs, the only choices that garnered more than 25 percent of respondents in our latest AP survey were:

  • Improving processes
  • Automating manual processes
  • Managing time/improving productivity
  • Increasing on-time payments

While those are great goals for any AP organization looking to save money, it’s hard to turn … Read More

By Pam Miller, APMD Time and time again when attempting to implement new tools or initiate changes in process, AP is told to “look for the low-hanging fruit” so that it will have some process improvement successes to celebrate. In most instances, that’s good advice. Many AP managers have already devoted time and effort in...… Read More

An AP & P2P Network member recently shared her challenges in paying utility bills. She sent in the following question: At my organization, we spend too much time keying in individual bills each month. We consolidate as many as possible, but still have more than 100 utility bills each month for processing. What do other...… Read More

This month, Beth R. Hinten, APS, Accounts Payable, CBC Companies, Inc., asked about how various organizations staff their AP operations, distribute the workload, and cope with lulls and busy times. She asks: I’m curious how other companies manage their invoice process. If there are multiple AP Specialists/Processors at your company, how is the distribution of...… Read More

Accounts payable must interact with a variety of customers from within the larger organization as well as from outside the organization. Few, if any, of these customers understand exactly what AP needs to accomplish the task(s) the customer requires. And in reality, they don’t really care about the details as long as they get what...… Read More

By Pam Miller, APMD Accounts Payable handles thousands of incoming documents, many of which are inconsistent, incomplete, and inaccurate. Despite these considerable challenges, AP must enter, verify, and match the data contained on these documents, often using a variety of systems or programs that don’t necessarily “speak” to each other. Regardless of how well AP’s...… Read More

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