Survey Results

2016 Following are the results of the AP&P2P Network’s 2016 Accounts Payable Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Survey, which lays out the accounts payable “profile,” including key concerns, use of POs, automation implementation, electronic invoice percentage and disbursement formats, and then looks at key performance indicators including turnaround times, paid-on-time rate, and several other performance… Read More

December  2014 Do centralization and automation of accounts payable operations have an impact on performance?  Centralization has become the predominant organizational approach to accounts payable, though there remain a small percentage of decentralized operations, sometimes by design. Centralization had typically been a precursor to implementation of process automation. Progress continues on the automation front,… Read More

December 2013 Half of accounts payable departments have seen increases in their travel and entertainment spending during the last two years. With T&E costs going up, it is more important than ever for organizations to manage their reimbursement processes effectively with strong policies and procedures. The following survey results examine expense reimbursement processing policies… Read More

"AP believes that their clients don't understand what it is they do. I tell AP people that it's your fault because you're not doing a good job at public relations. You're not involving the customer in the process." -Tom Nichols Working in accounts payable entails a surprising amount of customer service. Accounts payable staff… Read More

The goal of accounts payable departments today is to progress towards a day when their staffs focus less on clerical data entry work and more on analytical, strategic tasks. With modern technology giving accounts payable the power to become a value-adding function in the organization, as opposed to merely a cost center, how close… Read More

  March 2013 Check payments are on the way out. While it may be hard for organizations still mired in checks to believe this, AP & P2P benchmark data consistently show that check volumes are shrinking steadily. Since AP & P2P's last major survey of disbursement practices in 2008, median check volume has fallen… Read More

2013 Filing federal and state information returns is an important, year-long process for U.S.-based accounts payable departments. Failure to file forms 1099 and 1042-S accurately and on time opens up organizations to expensive penalties. As a result, AP departments have developed detailed strategies for gathering the information they need from vendors and reporting it… Read More

  October 2012 Whether your accounts payable department is highly automated or highly manual, chances are you receive at least some paper invoices. Despite organizations making strides toward increasing their percentage of electronic invoices, a majority of accounts payable invoices still arrive on paper. As a result, organizations must have processes in place to… Read More

July 2012 Purchase orders are vital to an organization's procure-to-pay process. POs help organizations enforce compliance with purchasing policies and contracts, while also serving as a vital piece of the accounts payable three-way match. When buyers follow PO policies, organizations have more control of their money. Organizations' PO practices can differ based on a… Read More

April 2012 Accounts Payable has been and is in transition, moving from a manual, clerical function with a simple-to-state but difficult-to achieve goal of "paying the bills" on time, to an automated and analytical function that has a greater contribution to make to the success of the organization. Enlightened and engaged controllers, shared services… Read More

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