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The AP & P2P Podcast is the leading on-the-go resource for the latest news, skill-sharpeners and strategies in the world of Accounts Payable and Procure-to-Pay. Tune in for interviews and insights from top AP professionals and thought leaders as they dig into what’s new in automation, tax and regulatory compliance, and industry benchmarks, plus hear case studies and listen in on Q&A with experts helping your peers in AP solve their toughest challenges.

This podcast is presented by the AP & P2P Network, the leading provider of training, education and certification programs specifically for Accounts Payable, Procure-to-Pay, Global and Shared Services professionals as well as Controllers and their F&A teams. Listen below and subscribe on iTunes today.

Episode 6: Eliminating Friction in Your P2P Cycle

Friction is undermining the efforts of businesses to optimize their procure-to-pay cycle. Without addressing this friction, a business' procure-to-pay cycle will continue to be plagued by high costs, lots of errors, long cycle times, poor visibility, and supplier and stakeholder frustration. During this podcast, Sean Norton of Tungsten Network shares strategies for reducing or eliminating the five biggest contributors to friction in the procure-to-pay cycle.

Episode 5: Fighting friction in Procure-to-Pay

Every business has friction in its P2P cycle. But businesses could never be sure of the impact of friction in their P2P cycle, until now. A new collaboration between IOFM and Tungsten Network is measuring P2P friction. During this episode, you will learn more about the initiative, hear early findings of the project, and get strategies for eliminating P2P friction.

Episode 4: Navigating the Increasingly Complex World of Accounts Payable Processing

Join IOFM’s Editor of Special Projects Mark Brousseau for a lively conversation with Stacey Chimenti, Canon USA’s Director of Financial Planning, about the reasons Accounts Payable processing is becoming more complex, and what Accounts Payable professionals can do about it.

Episode 3: The Skinny on Card Programs

Migrating from paper checks to card programs is a top priority for the majority of AP departments. During this podcast, IOFM Editor of Special Projects speaks with Ben Bianchino of EML (formerly Store Financial) about trends in card programs, the tactical and strategic programs that card programs provide, common misperceptions about card programs, and strategies for choosing the right card partner and successfully deploying a program.

Episode 2: What You Need to Know About Supply Chain Financing

IOFM Editor of Special Projects Mark Brousseau speaks with Jim Eckstein of TradeRocket on the benefits of supply chain financing to suppliers, buyers and funders, why supply chain financing is particularly appealing to mid-market companies, common misperceptions about supply chain financing, and what to look for in a financing solution.

Episode 1: Trends in AP Automation

IOFM Editor of Special Projects Mark Brousseau speaks with Kevin Ryan of Hyland Software on the trends that are shaping accounts payable automation, including enterprise content management, cloud processing, mobile invoice review and approval, shared services automation, ERP integration and more!

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