AP Calculators

Invoice Processing Calculator

This calculator can determine a time and cost estimate for processing your vendor invoices.

Return on Investment Calculator

This calculator can determine your internal rate of return for a purchase, or investment such as equipment, software or other project initiative.

Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) Calculator

This calculator determines your estimated number of days payables outstanding and the impact of increasing or reducing the number of days on your company’s cash flow.

Payment Float Calculator

Determines the estimated impact of increasing or decreasing your number of days payment float on your company’s cash flow.

Personnel Relocation Calculator

This calculator estimates the net amount of reimbursement for relocation costs of a Team member and the related taxes that would appear on their form W2.

Foreign Currency Exchange Calculator

Business globalization continues to grow. To accommodate globalization, a business operation requires additional information, research, and tools. As a company expands its business across borders and overseas, the accounts payable department faces such new challenges, including processing invoices denominated in one or more foreign currencies and processing payments for foreign currency…

Accretion Calculator

This calculator determines the monthly increase in value based on the input of the beginning value and ending value.

Vendor Discount Calculator

This calculator determines the cost / benefit for a discount period.

Operating vs. Capital Lease Calculator

This calculator determines if a lease qualifies as a capital lease, or an operating lease based on the criteria issued by the Financial Accounting Standard Board, in FASB 13.