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Certified Payment Reporting Specialist (CPRS)

Accounts Payable Specialist (APS) or Accounts Payable Manager (APM) 


The 2014 Master Guide to Form 1099 Compliance

Complete Guide to AP Best Practices - Latest Edition

Master Guide to P-Card Policies and Procedures: Plus P-Card Best Practices Survey

AP Department Benchmarks & Analysis

AP Automation Report: Including Market Trends & Analysis 


Form 1099:

• Form 1099-MISC Basic Tax Compliance: What's Reportable for 2014

• Advanced Form 1099-MISC Reporting Compliance for 2014

• Form 1099 Compliance Hot Topics

• Form 1099 Year-end Filing Update for 2014

• Form 1099 Reporting of Legal Damages and Payments to Attorneys

• E-Filing IRS Form 1099: Understanding Publication 1220 & the FIRE On-line Filing System

Other hot topics in AP:

• How to Optimize P-Card Efficiencies While Maintaining Appropriate Controls

• IRS Rules for Documenting Your Payees: New Form W-8 and W-9 Requirements

• Sales & Use Tax Compliance in 2014: What You Need to Know Now

• Form 1042-S Pre-Filing Checklist: Steps for Accurate Reporting and Penalty Avoidance

• Keeping Up: Significant Changes and Developments in Unclaimed Property Compliance Requirements  


IRS Regulation Bootcamp Online  


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