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Poll Archives

 Click on the links below to see the results of previous poll questions. While these quick polls often include humor and are not scientific, they nevertheless provide an interesting reflection of the state of accounts payable. Enjoy!

06/22/2010 Does your organization require pre-approval for business travel expenses?
06/07/2010 Are a majority of your purchases made using purchase orders?
05/24/2010 When auditing your T&E reimbursements, what percentage of errors are caused my missing receipts?
05/11/2010 How frequently do you take discounts after the discount term has expired?
04/27/2010 What percentage of your organizationís disbursements are electronic?
04/12/2010 Does your company use Evaluated Receipt Settlement to pay any of your suppliers?
03/31/2010 Have you made any preparations for this summerís extension of Sarbanes-Oxley to small businesses?
03/15/2010 Do you research the financial positions of your vendors when entering into a new contract?
03/01/2010 Does your company report and remit unclaimed property reciprocally?
02/15/2010 With regard to outsourcing, offshoring, etc, which of the following does your organization do?
02/02/2010 When using p-cards, do most of your vendors provide sales tax information in the remittance?
01/18/2010 Does your department recover value-added tax paid in another country?
01/04/2010 Which best describes your organizationís business travel spending outlook for 2010?
12/14/2009 Which of the following describes your departmentís plans for the holidays?
11/30/2009 Which of the following process improvements did your organization implement during 2009?
11/16/2009 Do you send new vendors a welcome letter and Form W9 before adding them to the master file?
11/02/2009 Does your organization regularly share performance metrics with the AP staff?
10/19/2009 Which best describes how your AP department plans to spend Halloween?
09/28/2009 If your department outsources, do you regularly visit the outsourcer to keep track of progress?
09/21/2009 Which of the following best describes your organization's p-card program?
09/08/2009 What is your DPO?
08/24/2009 Has your organization ever hired an auditor to perform a reverse sales tax audit?
08/10/2009 Which of the following best describes your organization's expense report auditing practices?
07/20/2009 Does your AP department's budget include funds for employee motivation?
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