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Poll Archives

 Click on the links below to see the results of previous poll questions. While these quick polls often include humor and are not scientific, they nevertheless provide an interesting reflection of the state of accounts payable. Enjoy!

10/17/2014 In what format do you issue Expense Reimbursements?
10/03/2014 Pop Quiz: On November 1 you should
09/23/2014 What is your DPO?
09/09/2014 What's the weather in your department look like this September?
08/19/2014 The approximate percent of our total spend made with point-of-purchase p-cards is:
07/29/2014 With regard to off-shoring & outsourcing AP, which of the following does your organization do?
07/08/2014 Do you use any SaaS solutions?
06/17/2014 Our p-card program has a one-time spend limit of
06/03/2014 In our company, accounts payable
05/16/2014 How long before your AP department is 85% paperless?
05/06/2014 On average, what percent of your invoices are put on hold or blocked from payment?
04/21/2014 Which, if any, social media do you use at (for) WORK?
03/31/2014 From which of the following do you determine payment timing?
03/21/2014 Hurricanes, fire, floods and even terrorism can happen, so we
03/11/2014 These days, my work week is typically:
02/19/2014 How successful has your organization been at abating 1099 filing penalties in the past?
02/05/2014 Have you experienced real or attempted payment fraud during the last year?
01/22/2014 Did you have to perform backup withholding on any of your vendors in 2013?
01/08/2014 Do you use the free IRS TIN Matching Service to verify taxpayer ID numbers?
12/17/2013 What is your AP department's New Year's resolution?
12/03/2013 How does December typically compare to other months in terms of invoice volume?
11/14/2013 Have you ever experienced a bankruptcy of a critical supplier?
10/30/2013 Would you describe your AP department as ‘multigenerational?’
10/15/2013 Unclaimed property reporting deadlines are weeks away. Have you done your due diligence?
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