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Answers to Accounts Payable Questions


Ask The Expert is a member resource of The Accounts Payable Network. Collected here are member questions and TAPN answers, organized by topic. Click on the topic you wish to explore. Each topic page presents a question or list of more specific question topics. Click on a question topic that interests you, and you'll be taken to the full question and answer.

locked 1099s - Who and what are reportable?
locked 1099s - About W-9s, W-8s
locked 1099s - Related forms
locked 1099s - Other questions
locked Accounting
locked Accrual process
locked Acquisition
locked Administrative help
 Accounts Payable News Accounts Payable News Accounts Payable News
 Automated clearinghouse (ACH)
locked Bankruptcy and Payables
locked Benchmarking
locked Best practices
locked Canada
locked Capital purchases
locked Certification
locked Check processing
 Customer Service
locked Disaster recovery
locked Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)
locked Duplicate payments
locked E-invoicing/Purchase-to-Pay
locked Electronic data interchange (EDI)
locked Electronic funds transfer (EFT)
locked Electronic signatures
locked Evaluated receipts settlement (ERS)
locked Escheatment / unclaimed property
 Exchange rates
locked Fraud
locked Fringe benefits
locked Human resources/personnel/salary
locked Imaging and workflow
locked Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
locked Invoices
 Letters of Credit
locked Metrics
locked Mission Statement
locked Other Tax Issues
locked Outsourcing
locked Payment terms
locked Policies and procedures
 Purchase order (PO)
locked Purchasing card (p-card)
 Record retention
locked Recurring payments
locked Sales and use tax
locked SAP
locked Sarbanes-Oxley
 Templates, tools and forms
locked Travel and entertainment (T&E)
locked Travel and entertainment- Meals
locked Travel and entertainment- Mileage
locked Travel and entertainment- Reimbursements
locked Vendor master file
 Vendor relations
locked Foreign Payments
locked FATCA, W-8s and W-9

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