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Q: I'm looking for guidance to prepare a customer services agreement and customer services manual (AP area only).

A: A Customer Service Agreement (CSA) is a written agreement between your accounts payable or shared services department and your internal business partners detailing service commitments, including conditions business partners must meet to make the service level possible.

TAPN has a
customer survey and customer survey scorecard, though we do not currently have templates for a CSA or manual. We also have developed tools for use in implementing a shared services center.

To draft a CSA, sit down with your key business partners; establish what is important to them, and what it will take on their part for AP to be able to deliver it. Document and issue the agreement, then plan to meet periodically with key partners for review and to make revisions. Customer service agreements tend to develop into proprietary documents over time, starting rather generally and undergoing modification as both customer and AP fine-tune the document to match their specific needs.

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